Health Inspections
Deschutes County Public Health
2577 NE Courtney Drive, Bend, OR 97701
Phone: (541) 322-7400

Notes About Restaurant Inspections:

  • The restaurants and Mobile Food Units in Deschutes County are inspected at least twice a year.
  • Mobile Food Units ("MFU’s" or "Food Carts") are not scored, per Oregon Food Sanitation Rules.
  • The restaurant inspection report reflects the violations observed at the time of inspection.
  • Reinspections are not scored.
  • Oregon adopted the 2009 FDA Food Code on September 4, 2012. Critical violations are now called Priority (5 pts) or Priority Foundation (3 pts) violations. Non-criticals are now called Core violations and are not scored.
  • A score of less than 70 results in a Failed To Comply notice being posted on the main entrance. A recheck inspection will be performed to ensure that violations have been corrected.
  • You are encouraged to look for consistent scores when judging a restaurant.
Name Address City Inspection Date Score